2017 What's Your ONE Thing ... FOCUS

Success is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Just ask world champion sprinter Usain Bolt.


All Bolt does is go through the stadium tunnel, every time, and blow away the competition.

He has more money and fame than most people dream of. So, what drives him? It's much bigger than the W...

What's his focus?

"My secret's just hard work and dedication."

His daily focus is simple -- to wake up every day and "become a legend..."

What lesson can one learn from Bolt that, if you do nothing else,
will drive your real estate business to the next level?
Focus...The Power of One.

in his best-selling book, The One Thing, Gary Keller, Keller Williams Realty Inc. co-founder, says,

"If you try to do just ONE Thing, the right ONE Thing, you could wind up with everything you ever wanted."

As you begin mapping out your vision for your 2017 Success Strategy and Action Plan,
consider focusing on the Gary Keller "One Thing" challenges for your job:
  • What's the ONE Thing I can do today to complete my current project ahead of schedule...?

  • What's the ONE Thing I can do this month to produce better work...?

  • What's the ONE Thing I can do before my next review to get the raise I want...?

  • What's the ONE Thing I can do everyday to finish my work and still get home on time...?

Champions such as Usain Bolt and Gary Keller
have leveraged the Power of ONE Thing
to achieve breakthrough performance.
So can YOU! Are YOU ready for the challenge?
I can help you create the Future-Vision Blueprint
that helps you get to where you want to be.
That Future-Vision depends upon your answer.

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