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Lisa works one-on-one with you to:
• Identify your personal Future-Vision Blueprint today for tomorrow’s success
• Develop a strategic action plan to move you forward
• Identify and remove the “buts” that may be in the way of your objectives
• Create powerful action time blocks for your Future-Vision Blueprint

Lisa Hales Productivity Coaching Sessions help:

• Create Your “Big Y” Goals
• Establish your Future-Vision Blueprint
• Identify and pursue strategic initiatives for income generation
• Break down goals into workable parts and projects
• Hold you accountable
• Avoid over commitment
• Increase delegation skills
• Develop productive time management skills
• Help identify and reduce procrastination
• Identify additional needs for individual or team training
• Develop benchmarks and deadlines for assignments

Lisa Hales Productivity Coaching Programs


The Big Y Program helps individuals visualize and actualize their big picture vision for their business. Too often, people do not take the time to map out their vision for their future – for both their business and personal lives.

This program creates a working plan based upon strategy and action to manage daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals.
• Future-Vision Blueprint and Action Strategy
• Motivate and enable individuals to improve their work and productivity skills
• Priority Management and Time Blocking & Scheduling

Ideal for: beginning real estate agents

Lisa A. Hales Coaching


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